Real life 💚

Life can be full of reasons why we can’t find ways to add even just a sprinkle of self care into our day, week & life.

This post was supposed to be for Sunday 🤣those of you whom have smallies know that this photo was naturally short lived but was nice while it lasted . I’m here secretly hoping I teach a few skills to smallies to benefit from an odd massage whenever I need one in future 😉….

A Beautiful Friend of mine send me a gift a few months ago which was one of the Body oils from @yogandha_oils .

She knows me so well and it truly as helped me undoubtedly in the most gentlest but supportive way that at first maybe I didn’t quite expect it to do so.

I am now excited that we will are now stocking there range here

I will add more information about the oils and rollers available again soon .

But for now wishing you all a beautiful Tuesday evening and find a few moments of self care whatever way it comes.

A few super quick ways I use the yogandha oils when I get a min to do so are on my dry body brush , in the shower Or a few quick inhalation whenever I just need to refocus myself for the day ahead.

Joanne 💚🙏

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25th May 2021

@em_flannery 🙏💚💞

25th May 2021

Love it Joanne 💖

25th May 2021


26th May 2021


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