‘’Focus on finding balance in your life… & remember,you don’t have to do it all’

Something we all may have to remind ourselves at times in our fast paced world and lives. Even though the last year has differed.
Many are having to multitask in ways they didn’t know how would work in the past but had no choose to embrace it as best they could. Working from home , homeschooling new level of multitasking .
I included as a small business owner, mom to smallies , living on a busy farm too often have rein in my busy mind and step back for a few moments generally get myself into nature gets me back on track to looking at my to do lists which a much more clearer sight and healthier pace.

Being productive but not burning the candle at both ends is a balance act. Bad habits can be hard to break free from but a healthy pace of life is of up most importance in so many ways.

Especially in caring for oneself 💚

Wishing you all a Beautiful Bank Holiday Monday.

Stay safe ,

Joanne 💚🌿

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7th June 2021

Wise word Joanne. 🙂

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