Weekend Vibes 💚

You know it’s ok to ~ Give yourself permission to take it easy and enjoy even a few moments to yourself or to catch up with a friend. For you Maybe having a bath is blissful , getting a facial or body treatment or simply go for going for a walk .

This is sometimes a hard thing to do and I can definitely pop my hand up that I can be a bit if a go-go-go person . But it always catches up and I’ve learnt the hard way at times and also continue to try to edge in a teeny weeny moment some days to do things better.

If you can’t start today … Just take a few deep breath’s .🌿

As we’re heading into a new month so why not make a promise to yourself . To make time for a self care treat during August or simply aim for that treatment that gives you a sense of well-being or maybe it’s to finish off this month with a open water swim over the long weekend . Whatever give to true feeling of well-being , stillness happiness within yourself. Go for it 💚

Have a beautiful weekend,

Joanne 🙏💚

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