This is the new candle collection from @dedanuireland which has arrived in salon this week.

They have three beautiful blends and a personal favorite for this time if year is this one .

The deDANÚ Limited Edition ‘NOLLAIG’ Candle will fill your home with cosy nostalgia and cheer!

Warm clove, spiced cinnamon, and sweet orange all work playfully with the woodsy earthy notes of fir pine to create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family. Housed in stunning stone and presented in 100% eco-friendly packaging, NOLLAIG is the perfect gift for that special someone (or yourself!)

Each candle contains between 18-22ml of premium pure essential oils and has a burn time of 50-60 hours. We never use synthetic wax or any synthetic fragrance in our candles.

Ingredients: premium soy wax / organic orange / clove / cinnamon / fir needle

deDANÚ explain below why there Candles are a Safer Choice for your home.💚🍃

We choose 100% soy wax for our candles. We do not mix paraffin like other companies do to keep prices down
We use for 100% cotton wicks for a safer and more eco-friendly burn
We use only 100% pure essential oils rather than mystery “fragrances”. Each candle contains at least 1 and half 10ml bottles of deDANÚ pure essential oils.
We avoid pigments in candles that can be toxic to humans and the environment.
We use only sustainable containers and packaging. Everything we include with your candle can be recycled, up-cycled and reused.
Our candles are hand-poured and quality checked at each stage of production.

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