There really are no words whenever I think about this heartbreaking news of Aisling Murphy life been taken while out for her run yesterday.

Been a woman whom often ran in new places , remote places , busy places , country lanes ,forest and hill trails , city streets during the day , night and at dawn or at dusk .

It is awkful to say but I know that I have felt a few times uneasy and many other women I know have expressed that kinda of unknown fear and thoughts , that maybe I should walk / run on a bit more ‘it’s getting dark ! or maybe I should switch paths as felt a bit uneasy of a route or individual nearby is really something that I hope will change no woman or girl should have to feeling’s or thoughts of not being safe !

In all our thoughts to Aisling’s family friends and community in Tullamore and may you rest in Peace 🙏💚🕯