Mamas to Be💚

This post is really more from the heart than others as I am a Mama in waiting as being almost 39 weeks pregnant myself.

Which is also has been making me think of all you other beautiful Moms to be’s during this uncertain times we have been faced with at the minute. It certainly has been a challenging week to say the least for most . So too have I had to really work much harder to try not let all stressful scenarios take over my thoughts and impact my body too much. Although I am only human so I’ve had my moments. 🍃I just wanted to share a few simple things I have tried to do even for a few seconds during my day/week to help refocus my thoughts and emotions to be brighter. 🍃Today being Mothers Day almost feels like it can be reset day .
Where I/we can begin to focus on motherhood role around our little ones even just a little bit differently 💞 💚•The most powerful one connecting in with your beautiful baby
💚•How incredible our pregnant bodies are. 💚•Mindful breathes 💚•Fresh Air (sometimes it’s just opening up a window or a short stroll around the yard with busy toddler. 💚•Read at least one little positive words from a mindfulness or prayer book. 💚•Listen to the beautiful song birds singing( my little girl loves to do it too)
💚•Enjoy a silly game with toddler or other children to make you smile for deep within .
💚•Sit in some sunshine. 💚•Drinking more water. 💚•Conciously eating nourishing food.
💚•Reaching out to other mothers/friends whom are in the middle of all this too supporting one another.
I’ve missed loads of simple daily things no doubt but all I am trying to share is how practicing mindful and positive practices regularly can help fade stress, worries and uncertainties on our minds and the impact on our bodies too. 💞Wishing you all a beautiful Mother’s Day 💞

With the kindest & warmest regards, Joanne 💚 💚Please Share below any positive thoughts to a friend or Mama to Be that you may be thinking of today

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