Client Experience Award 2022 was received in late summer but sure it totally went out over my head at the busy time of year.

But this evening I received a really lovely recent review from one of our very loyal wonderful clients and felt I had to share with you but also something more then just the award.

As it is the women behind obtaining this every year in year out over the last few years. As most may have noticed I had to take quiet a step back from treatments after my last little one was born to care for him little more for a time especially during the pandemic period. Although I am in salon a bit more often now bit by bit compared to the past it is still at a much lower level. Which I do miss but like everything my time will come again to be able to be more present.

What I can say is I really have a beautiful dream team of three women in Rowena , Anne-Marie & Cora. 💚💚💚 Thank you deeply and I always hope to support ye all as much as ye help & support me to keep the whole show on the road💚

Thank you to all our amazing Clients whom take the time to review us and let us know how there treatments went or if there is anything we can ever improve to make your experience a comfortable , relaxing and renewing as this is equally as important to us .

Happy Sunday ,
Thank you , Joanne 💚🍃

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