Challenge Accepted @nicvernwood Nicola. 💚 #womensupportingwomen
So this is a real life Mama me at the moment . It’s Not at all polished but that is Ok with me. inspired me as she is great for keeping her content real life ! I hugely agree should be the case but I don’t always have the confidence to do so myself…so here goes. #letskeepitreal #letsteachyoungwomenselflove
I can’t begin to mention all the incredible women in my heart always, in my life and those whom continue to inspire & support me through life and in business.
Be brave ladies and try to just be true to your heart . Often we can have many roles and challenges to face in our world but a lot more magic can then happen whenever your being true to ourselves .💚

With love& gratitude,
Joanne / Jojo.
I decided to also donate to @safeireland by texting SAFE to 50300 to help women and children throughout our country. Especially as home for some maybe not be the safest space place to be.

#staysafe #textsafeto50300 #womensupportingwomen #youarebeautifulasyouare
#borúhealthandbeauty 💚