Mindfulness 😝🍃 •Stress , Anxiety and the Choas of the last few days that has been been within our Island and communities can effect some more than others .
When we are stressed our immune system’s abilities can reduced due to the increase of stress hormones within the body.
Mindfully Breathing is a lovely tool you can use at any time and place to help free grounded again within yourself.

Remember to just connect with your breath and body throughout the day, even just for a few moments, bring your attention to your breathing and observe just a few mindful breaths.

Why not try it now…💚🍃 It’s amazing how a simple practice can make such a difference to your day and the people around you .
Kids are very observant often we don’t give them credit for this . I personally have found in the past that this so often changes the whole mood in a room within a few moments from chaos to just more settled just because Mammy takes a few breaths .
Probably as they thinking to themselves what are they doing ?! But actually they also learn this important tool and it’s amazing to see how they will learn to use it or else generally sit down beside or on top of you while you do it 😝which is ok too💞💚Embrace it and take your few breaths.

Happy Healthy Mindful Saturday to you all , Joanne & BORÚ Team 💚

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